Easy Track RS3003 Series


Today I’ll introduce a series of nontraditional corner shelves. At first glance, they look modernized, having L-shape instead of normal quarter circle shape. You might notice that the leftmost and rightmost edges are unfinished. That’s because the corner shelves actually are the parts of Easy Track’s creative home shelving set. You can design the layout of the shelving by your own. The shelves come with three colors available: cherry, white and truffle.

Easy Track one-of-a-kind rail system

Easy Track one-of-a-kind rail system is a universal mounting system invented by Easy Track. The system has a rails mounted on the wall and every piece of component can be hanged tightly on this rail. The components can slide on the rail, thus you can freely adjust the space between them. There are also many sizes and shapes of component available. These circumstances allow you to create your unique shelves and closets on your creativity. If my explanation doesn’t give you an image, please visit the website http://www.easytrack.com/easytrack/why-easytrack/.

Material, look and feel

The material of the shelves is composite board. Of course, it’s not so much strong. However, the shelves aren’t designed to carry heavy things from the first. The shelves are lightweight which is good. Even though the mounting system is very firm, the shelves can’t hold much weight since they’ll break.

Despite its cheap material, the surface and finishing are fabulous. The surface is smooth and beautiful. The shelves also provide good feeling when touched. There are three colors, gentle white, traditional cherry and charming truffle. Laminate finish is nice but doesn’t resist scratch.

The shape is very noticeable, when people comes into the room they will certainly notice the shelves. Neighbor component is very important. The shelves could look modern, sci-fi or weird by your setup.


Since the shelves are not so sturdy, they’re mainly used for holding lightweight object such as clothes, shoes, books, stationary, etc. The shelves aren’t strong enough to hold TVs or computers. The shape is also an issue. With L-shape, utilizing area is just 13″ in width, even though the shelves are 30″ wide.

Nevertheless, the shelves is great in decorative and organizational purpose. They’re wide and we can put many lightweight objects on. This is especially useful when the corner shelves are paired with the closet. Since when we dress there are many small things to put on, it’s the good idea to place ties, socks, belts, etc on the corner shelves. This way, the room will become much tidy and comfortable.


The installation is not so easy but also not too difficult. Every mounting component is included in the package. Some steps require drilling the wall. However, the instruction is very clear. The instruction is available at http://www.easytrack.com/uploads/assets/easytrack/instructions/RS3003-INSOUT_WEB.pdf.

Following table show the included components.

Components Name Amount
shelf pins 10
offset shelf pins 2
0.8×5 cm screws 14
screw cap covers 14


If you want to try creative system from Easy Track, these corner shelves will suit you nicely. Otherwise, you might consider other standalone corner shelves.