How to Install Corner Shelves to The Wall

Although the installation of the corner shelves is a simple task for skilled people, it could be pretty unfamiliar to some others. This guide will show you how to get it done nicely and wisely.

There are two main types of the corner shelves. The shelves in the first type have their own support against the ground. We call them ‘standing corner shelves’. They are shelves that just need to be assembled and then they could be placed everywhere. The other type being ‘floating corner shelves’ which don’t have their own support, but attach themselves to the wall.

Obviously, there are difference between standing and floating corner shelves. Standing corner shelves can contain more weight and are far easier to be moved. They do not have to be installed to the wall but they must occupied their own space on the floor. Floating corner shelves, however, give more ‘auxiliary’ sense. We can use floating corner shelf to easily add extra space above the occupied space. The discussions about corner shelf in this article are about floating corner shelves.

Installation method of some shelf are pretty straight, for example, 4D Concepts hanging corner storage. Since there are predrilled hole on the center of every vertical piece, just screw shelf and wall together through the hole and it is finished. Even so, some other shelves do require their own methods.

To explain how to install the shelves, video is more useful than the word. Followings are two video of wooden shelves installation. The first is a tutorial from American Wall Shelves and the second is from Creative Connectors Corp.

From the video, you can see that each shelf has it own method to mount itself to the wall. The process is also different because the characteristic of the equipment. However, the concept of the installation is the same. First, mark the location with a pencil. (Corner shelves are much more easier to be mark than normal shelf, since you don’t need a level to make the horizontal mark.) Then, drill and place the mounting equipment into the wall. Finally, attach the shelf to the equipment. Quite easy, right?

For stone corner shelves in the bathroom, it does require more advance technique. Since we can not use screw to fix stone shelves, we need another method. The desirable way is silicone. As seen in video below.

This method is more efficient for the bathroom shelves because silicone is invulnerable to wetness. Even so, silicone itself may not enough to support the weight of stone corner shelf. Thus, making a slot in the wall is a good idea.

I have found some more videos, but each shelf has it own details. It is not a good idea to put them all here. After this, I will try to put the videos of the installation of each shelf into its product page. Please enjoy mounting your corner shelves!