Knape & Vogt EZ Corner Shelf 12″ Oak 2 in Pack

Knape & Vogt Corner Shelf 12 Oak 2 in Pack
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Shelves Description

These corner shelves are one of the products in EZ Serires from Knape & Vogt. They are stylish shelves which suitable for living room, bedroom, dining room and even bathroom. The oak finish gives clean & neat feeling. The shelves are designed for instant installation. No need for any installation tool! They can be used with both classic and modern decoration. There are 2 shelves in the package.


  • No additional installation tools required
  • Mounting parts are not visible to the eyes
  • Oak finish

Shipping Details

  • Dimension: 12″ wide x 3/4″ thick
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds

My Comment

These shelves are very suitable for quick shelving. Need a place for placing your items ? Put these shelves on the wall and you have what you want! Instantly. The shelves also works well in providing a warm feeling to the room. They can handle lightweight jobs such as holding small vase or picture frame with no problem. With proper lighting, they can look really nice.

There is also 17″ version available.