4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage Series


These stylish shelves from 4D Concepts are one of the most popular corner shelves available online. Due to their fine appearance and good respond from the consumers, they are now available on many websites. A lot of pictures, details, and reviews are provided out there.
The company who mak them, 4D Concepts is well-known manufacturer. Even though their website (http://www.4dconceptsusa.com/) doesn’t quite informative, the quality of the products is promising.


These shelves were made of composite wood and PVC laminate. As you might guess, its durability is not that great. It could get scratch on impact with metals. Even so, the surface looks nice enough to resemble solid wood. It gives high-quality feel when touch, though.


There are four colors available: black, maple, espresso, and cherry. Actually, the manufacturer set the price of all colors equally but the price of each piece can be vary due to the distributor. So do not surprise if you’ve founded that some color are cheaper in amazon.com .

Color Product Code
black 99000
maple 91000
espresso 99300
cherry 99600


The shelf comes with 5 pieces, three of them are just square vertical piece and the others two are C-shaped, each of them consist two horizontal plate connected by a vertical plate.

diagram of pre-assembled shelf

Since the weight of whole shelf is 14 pounds, it’s quite heavy to lift it to the wall. The simple trick is to screw it to the wall piece by piece, from top to bottom. This way, each piece is light enough even for kids to hold.

The only assembly tool to be used are normal phillips head screwdriver. The screws themselves are included in the package. Each vertical piece have pre-drilled hole for the screw, easy to drill just by hand. The sticker for hiding the screw hole are also included.

There are small hole prepared for the screw.


Since the shelves have wood texture which practically match to anything, they’re suitable for holding any object: vases, dolls, CDs/DVDs, picture frames, etc. However, the shelves were originally designed for books, which is very true. The shelves look really great with some books on them.

Looking into the depth, it seems that additional area provide by the shelves is questionable. Since the vertical plates do not provide any area to place something on, the shelves could be considered as 4 simple horizontal shelf. Those vertical plates are there just for decorative. And because there are 5 plates on the vertical axis, more than 50% of the shelves component aren’t used as shelves.

However, all of the vertical plates are to be fasten to the wall, which means the shelves are very strong. You can put many object, even some semi-heavy things such as goldfish vase on without any problem.


The 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage Shelves are should be considered if  you want your corner to be more ornamental and useful. Even though the material are not very sturdy, the shelf itself can contains some weight. The main advantages are the unique design and many colors choice.