Gift Mark Corner Bookshelf for kids

Gift Mark Corner Bookshelf for kids
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Shelf Description

The Gift Mark Corner Bookshelf is a specialized corner shelf for the children. It features triangular 3 tier shelf in clean white surface. Its design is very suitable for storing your child books and projects. The shelf is easy to be painted on, allow your children to create their own unique shelf. Your children will love this ‘toy’ bookshelf. Let the creativity flows with this shelf!


  • Suitable for personalization, can be painted or decorated
  • Clean white surface, very suitable for bedroom
  • Sturdy construction
  • Safe for babies

Shipping Details

  • Dimensions: 30″W x 30″ D x 36″H
  • Weight: 30.4 lbs

My Comment

This shelf is a niche corner shelf. To my knowledge, there is no other corner shelf available online that designed especially to be painted by baby. If that is what your need, this shelf is obviously the best choice.

Although it is mentioned as ‘design to be painted by baby’, I think it is also a good choice if you plan to paint it yourself as well.