Gift Warehouse Corner Curio Cabinet

Corner Curio Cabinet
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Shelf Description

This lovely small cabinet is one of the products from Gift Warehouse. It has matte white finish on its wooden body.  The front doors are engraved with classic pattern. The shelf is lightweight and balanced. Let this charming white corner shelf create nice view to your room!


  • Fully assembled prior to shipping, ready to be used
  • Matte white finish
  • Carved pattern

Shipping Details

  • Dimensions: 13.75” W x 10” D x 15.5” H (quarter-circle shape with 10″ radius)
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs

My Comment

Many people said in the reviews that this shelf is small. This should be mentioned.

This shelf is perfect for powder table. Since it has small size and little weight, it can be put on the top of tables or other cabinet. It’s also a nice choice for small room organization. Additionally, its clean white finish makes it suitable for baby room too.

Its matte surface and white color allow it to be paint easily.