Easy Track RS3003 29-7/8-Inch Corner Shelves, White

Easy Track RS3003 Corner Shelves, White
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Shelf Description

This set of shelves is the white color version of Easy Track RS3003 (which we already introduced the cherry version yesterday). The shelves come with special installation system called ‘Easy Track one-of-a-kind rail’ which allows the user to organize the shelves flexibly. The main concept of the system is the mounting equipment can be universally support any shelves, closets, and a lot of additional modules provided by the manufacturer. Thus, the user can freely design the arrangement of the shelves for the room. There is also the 3D simulation tool for this.

In the package there are three shelves packed together. They comes with laminated white finish. Necessary equipments and tools are included.

*note* Easy Track Corner Shelves must be supported by Easy Track Vertical Panel. There are 48″ and 72″ version of the panel.


  • Design for customization, can be installed in various arrangements
  • Special installation system exclusive for Easy Track
  • Unique ‘L’ shape
  • Clean white finish
  • There is another version with natural cherry finish

Shipping Details

  • Dimensions: 29.87″ W x 29.87″ D x 0.5″ H
  • Weight: 37.5 lbs

My Comment

The surface is smooth but matte. It reflect some light but not so shiny, which is suitable for wardrobe. Each shelf is strong enough to hold a basket of clothes if properly installed.

I can say that this set of shelves is great for who want custom design of the shelving area. If you want something that really customizable, these shelves is for you.

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