Easy Track RS3003-C 29-7/8-Inch Corner Shelves, Cherry

Easy Track RS3003-C Corner Shelves, Cherry
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Shelf Description

Easy Track RS3003-C comes with minimalistic design. The three shelves in the package can be install in various arrangement, encourage you to use your imagination and ideas. The shelves come with special installation technique from Easy Track, which is far easier than the installation of other shelves. Additionally, there are many accessories from Easy Track available for customization such as tie rack and wire basket. These options could be use with the shelves to make them more utilized. Online 3D Design Tool also helps in the arrangement. It could help you to visualize your plan easily. The cherry finish gives decorative feeling, allow the shelf to be placed in any room.

*note* Easy Track Corner Shelves must be supported by Easy Track Vertical Panel. There are 48″ and 72″ version of the panel.


Shipping Details

  • Dimensions: 29.87″ W x 29.87″ D x 0.5″ H
  • Weight: 37.5 lbs

My Comment

This shelf is very unique. It has exclusive installation system which is really handy. The system can be customized to fit into every room. I recommend this shelf to the people who want to elaborately design your shelf arrangement.

This shelf has a detailed review.