Creative Connectors 22″ Invisible Mount Walnut Wooden Corner Shelf

walnut Creative Connectors shelf with flower vase, lamp, and clock
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Shelf Description

Creative Connectors 22″ invisible mount corner shelf is well-designed. Its shape make it to be dedicated shelf for the corner. This good-looking shelf could be very useful in providing additional area for your items. Put it in the corner and your room can be more organized. The shelf is made of composite material between engineered wood and PVC laminate so it’s very strong. This 22″ model is specially thick than others models. It’s even capable for holding LCD TV. Mounting equipments were included in the package. The installation is quite easy.


  • Designed to fit in a corner
  • Shaped shelves are uniquely designed for storage and decorations in tight spaces
  • Beautiful walnut finish
  • Constructed of PVC laminate
  • Can support up to 100 lbs
  • Ready to be assembled


Mounting the shelf to the wall is rather easy thanks to the special mounting system. The main piece hide all of the mounting components behind it so screws and connectors are not visible to the eyes when the installation is finished. There is a video clip from the manufacturer presented here.

My Comment

The product picture on the top of this page is a tutorial itself. To make this shelf visually stunning, put some light and vivid object on and give it some lighting. Any color of decoration and wall is fine.