Lipper International 3-Tier Bamboo Corner Shelf

Lipper International 3-Tier Bamboo Corner Shelf
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Shelf Description

With its genuine bamboo body, Lipper International 3-Tier Bamboo Corner Shelf gives ‘natural’ look & feel. Since the shelf has charming light brown color of well-finished bamboo wood, you can comfortably put this shelf on table of any style without unusual look. The shelf is specifically designed for kitchen.

The shelf has three tiers that provide a lot of usable area. Each horizontal plate consists of wood grating which allows water and air to pass through easily. Therefore the wet dishes can dry fast. The shelf has square figure, with small truncation on a corner.


  • Made of environmental-friendly bamboo wood
  • Open-air construction, can release moisture and wetness quickly
  • Unique and useful design
  • Delicate handmade product
  • Lightweight, can be handled easily

Shipping Details

  • dimensions: 10″ W x 10″ D x 9.5″ H
  • weight: 1.8 lbs

My Comment

This is another corner shelf that made of interesting material. Bamboo wood is a nice choice when you need wood with unique appearance and smell. From my view, the quality and sturdiness is not a problem but it is a good idea to clean the shelf sometimes. The shelf gives soft and gentle feeling. It is very suitable for light colored table/corner.

Although the shelf is quite small, it can unexpectedly store a lot of dishes and bowl. Thanks for its practical design.