Enclume CWS8 8-Tier Cookware Stand

Enclume CWS8 8-Tier Cookware Stand
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Shelf Description

Enclume CWS8 8-Tier Cookware Stand will make the organization of your pots and pans becomes an easy task. The shelf has exceedingly sturdy structure which allows it to hold a lot of items reliably. With its special triangular design, you can comfortably remove cookwares from any side. The shelf has dark metallic color and hammered pattern surface. Its three legs are well-aligned so that the shelf can stand firmly on the floor without swaying.

Each level of the shelf provides a large area which capable to contain a pot of any size. Since it can store up to eight pots/pans, your kitchen will get much more tidied up.


  • Can store a lot of cooking utensil
  • Outstandingly solid structure
  • Made of high quality steel
  • The surface has charming hammered texture.
  • Ready to be used. There is no need for further assembly since the shelf is already assembled as it shipped.

Shipping Details

  • Dimensions: 19.5″ W x 16.5″ D x 68″ H
    Since the shelf has truncated pyramid shape, the lower tiers are wider than the upper tiers. The width of each tier (from bottom to top) is 14.88″, 13.25″, 12.25″, 11.5″, 10.38″, 9.5″, 8.88″, and 8.13″ respectively.
  • Weight: 22 lbs

My Comment

This cookware stand got overwhelming positive reviews from the customers. Although the price is quite high, its quality is just that perfect. This corner shelf has everything cookware holder should. The sturdiness, balance, durability, usability, and design of this shelf are peerless.

There is also a 6-tier version of this shelf.