InterDesign Twillo 3-Tier Corner Shelf in Metallico Finish

InterDesign Twillo 3-Tier Corner Shelf in Metallico Finish
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Shelf Description

This shelf is another shower corner stand from InterDesign. (The company is an expert in bathroom organization.) The shelf is in ‘Twillo’ series which use interwoven metal wire as a main impression. Its whole body is made of steel that provide high sturdiness. When placed on the floor, the shelf will stand on its metal wire legs thus creating small separation from the floor. With this design, the corner stand lets water pass through easily and dry quickly.

The shelf has three tiers, each tier has metal boundary to prevent items from falling. Both the steel structure and metal wire decoration has metallic grey color and semi-glossy surface.


  • Sturdy steel wire structure
  • Unique ‘Twillow’ Design
  • Water-resistant, very suitable for bathroom
  • Lightweight, allow the users to move the shelf easily

Shipping Details

  • Dimensions: 10″ W x 7.5″ D x 25.5″ H
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs

My Comment

This corner stand has a unique ‘all metallic’ appearance which might be useful for some bathroom design, especially for modern theme.┬áThe side strip with interlaced pattern looks nice, it makes the shelf differ from other metal wire corner shelf. Overall, this shelf is for the one who want the features of metal wire shelf but feels boring about traditional wire frame design.

Although the shelf was designed for bathroom, I think it would fit into other rooms as well.