Corner Organizer for Bathroom

Tidy up your bathroom!

Bathroom is the room that is always messed by a lot of soaps, shampoos, face foams, moisturizers, skin care creams, etc. The best way to tidy up the room is to get rid of unused objects. However, there is a point that even you throw many unnecessary items out , the room is still crowded. In that situation, most people bring in a corner shelf.

Corner shelf is a special type of shelf that is designed to be fitted into the corner. It is the favorable choice for bathroom because corner is not a place people need to walk through. Thus, it is safe to store objects there. The other reason is that a shower always has a corner nearby, so it’s very handy if the shelf is in that corner.

Since bathroom has different conditions to other rooms (high humidity and no sunlight), corner shelves that are suitable for bathroom must have some neccesary properties. We cannot just put some shelf in without considering these important aspects. I will list the types of corner shelf and discuss whether they are suitable for bathroom or not.

Metal wire corner shelf: strong and versatile

metal shelf

This type of corner shelf is made of metal wire fabricated into the shelf structure. It is very strong and capable to hold a lot of weight. Metal wire corner shelves is very popular. You can find them in various size, colors and designs. Despite its ability to withstand substantial tensile force, metal wire cannot endure much compressive force. Even so, corner shelf does not have to endure such kind of threat.

A good attribute of metal wire shelf is its weight. Since metal is a strong material, only small mass for metal can make rigid structure. Therefore, the shelves made from the material are very lightweight. They can be easily handled. Of course that good mounting is needed to prevent the shelf from shaking due to external force.

It is important to choose corner shelf that made of rust-resistant metal, or you will get a crappy shelf. Stainless is the most favorable, it will appear as new for decades. Bronze can maintains strong structure but its surface can easily become dull. Copper and iron without proper coating are highly not recommended since they are very vulnerable to water. About the plastic-coated iron wire shelves that you might encounter sometimes, completely avoid them. The plastic coating will peel off and inner metal will be rusted.

To choose a metal wire shelf, choose one that matches your taste and make sure it is stainless. Remember that this type of shelf can be easily installed and uninstalled, so you can always replace it with more elegant one.

Stone corner shelf: good-looking and reliable

stone shelf

Stone corner shelf is a bathroom fixture. It is embedded into the corner when installed. Since it give a very high-class scene to the bathroom, it is regularly used in hotels. This type of shelf is very strong, sturdy, and holds tightly to the wall.

Stone corner shelf is very durable. Nothing in bathroom can easily damage it, both physically and chemically. When a such corner shelf is installed, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Since the shelf essentially become a part of the wall, cleaning is very easy.

There are many types of stone. Each of them has different physical properties such as strength, scratch-resistance, density, etc. However, bathroom shelving is light-duty task so only important attribute is the appearance. The color and texture of the shelf should be compatible with the wall. You might want to take some time for consideration because the installation is permanent.

Plastic corner shelf: cheap and water-resistant

plastic shelf

If we are talking about water resistance, plastic shelf is the best of all. Plastic is absolutely unaffected by water and moisture.

Plastic is always overlooked. Many people feel that plastic is a low quality material. This is not always true. Some types of plastic are strong and sturdy. Although plastic can become brittle after the time pass, modern plastic has additive agents to counter this. Plastic shelf from reliable manufacturer usually be functional for at least two years.

The advantages of plastic shelf is lightweight-ness, low price, and variety of color choices. If you are looking for temporary container to place something on, you will want a plastic corner shelf.

Wood corner shelf: classic but not suitable

wood shelf

Wood is the most popular material of corner shelf. However, for bathroom shelf, wood is not the ideal material. Since wood is a collection of cellulose fiber, it is vulnerable to water. Even some shelf has good finish that can protect itself from water, the protection layer can easily flake off in such environment.

Composite wood, such as fiberboard bulge easily in contact with water. Solid wood is more difficult to bulge, but still not recommended.

If you really want to use wood corner shelf in bathroom, make sure it has good protection. It’s a good idea to pay attention on it and bring it out whenever some stains occur.

Glass corner shelf: elegant but brittle

glass shelf

Glass corner shelf is another nice choice for bathroom organization. It gives clear, graceful look which is important for luxurious bathroom. Glass has no problem with water and it can be cleaned easily.

Many people choose glass shelf because it is sturdy and beautiful. It can support many items without bending. The price is another advantage of glass shelf since you will easily get one for just twenty bucks.

Only disadvantage of glass is that it can be broken. Therefore, glass shelf is not recommended if you have little children in your home.