Officemate Verticalmate Corner Shelf for Office Panel

Officemate Verticalmate Corner Shelf for Office Panel
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Shelf Description

Officemate Verticalmate Corner Shelf is specifically made as an extension for office panel. It use the mounting system that is similar to note pin which makes the installation very easy. With one click, you can easily setup or remove it. Despite the easiness, the shelf hold tight to the panel and strong enough to support many items on it. There are two hooks in the front of the shelf for hanging keys and other small objects.

The shelf comes with standard rounded triangle shape and grey finish. It gives professional appearance which is desirable for office desk area.


  • Unique mounting system which does not left any remnant when the shelf is removed
  • Hooks for hanging keys, rubber bands, etc.
  • Lightweight, very easy to handle
  • Office-compatible grey color

Shipping Details

  • Dimensions: 10″ W x 10″ D x 1.2″ H
  • Weight: 1 lb

My Comment

I like the idea of adding extra space on the side of office panel. My office desk is constantly full with papers, books, and stationery. I always want to give my desk some additional space. Although I can put a shelf on my desk, but the shelf itself also use up the area. With this shelf, the additional area comes out from nothing. This is a smart area indeed.

The material is fine. With its simple job you don’t need a supreme material anyway. Plastic is good enough. The best thing is that the shelf is very inexpensive.