Interdesign York Lyra Bronze Corner Shelf

Interdesign York Lyra Bronze Corner Shelf
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Shelf Description

This shelf is a product in York Lyra family from Interdesign.  It consist of steel wire body in bronze color. The upper part is support by three curvy legs which also made of same material. The whole surface is protected by coatings which can prevent rust. Since it made of steel, the shelf is very sturdy.

On the upper part, there are gaps between the wires that could let air and water pass through. This allows wet objects such as dishes and sponge to dry easily when placed on the shelf.


  • There are two colors available, bronze and silver
  • Made of coated steel, no worries about strength or rust-resistance
  • Wire structure allows water and air pass though easily
  • Lightweight, can be placed in and moved out easily

Shipping Details

  • Dimensions: 13.8″ W x 9.7″ D x 5.6″ H
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs

My Comment

Small kitchen corner shelf is usually useful and reliable but not so stylish. That fact does not apply to this shelf. The Interdesign York Lyra shelf has really beautiful design. It is very suitable for ‘modern’ style kitchen. I strongly recommend this shelf if you want to create extra space while maintain nice view in the corner of¬†countertop. The price of this shelf is also very cheap.

It should be noted that the bottom of the leg of this shelf is rounded, so it could be slippy on smooth surface. Another point that I want to mention is that the shelf has two color choices, bronze and silver. You can choose the one that match your kitchen’s theme.