CozyStreet 4 Tier Copper Color Corner Shelf

CozyStreet 4 Tier Cooper Color Corner Shelf
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Shelf Description

Let’s add classic impression to your lovely room! With stylish scoll metal frame and its charming color, CozyStreet 4 Tier Corner Shelf will become worthy piece that change the ordinary corner into beautiful scene. The shelf made of high quality dark wood which delicately decorated with curvy metal frame and copper finish. It is also capable to support a lot of weight with its sturdy structure. This is the perfect corner stand for dining room, living room, and even bedroom.


  • Gorgeously decorated, easily draw attention to the corner
  • Very sturdy construction, capable for both heavy-duty shelving and decorative task
  • Has 4 legs, providing high balance
  • Easy to be assembled

Shipping Details

  • dimensions: 16.5″ D x 23.5″ W x 74.5″ H (quarter-circle shape with 16.5″ radius)
  • weight: 25.3 lbs

My Comment

CozyStreet 4 Tier is another beautiful ‘big piece’ corner shelf. It gets really high score in Amazon’s user review because it has both well-made structure and finishing. With its sturdy structure and appropriate weight, you could shake the shelf harshly and the shelf remains stand still. This shelf can be considered a single piece solution for corner decoration. It also provide a lot of shelving space.