InterDesign Linus Transparent Corner Shelf

InterDesign Linus Transparent Corner Shelf
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Shelf Description

InterDesign Linus Corner Shelf is a transparent plastic corner shelf with metal supports. It is designed to add extra layer of organization to the corner area. The transparent shelf will add extra space without hinder the field of vision. With stainless steel supports, it is capable to be used in both bathroom and kitchen. Under the supports there are also slip resistance rubber to make the shelf stand firmly.


  • Very easy to assembly (in less than 3 minutes)
  • 3 stainless steel supports
  • Transparent, allow to see through
  • Require only little space to place on

Shipping Details

  • dimensions: 10″ D x 10″ W x 6″ H  (quarter-circle shape with 10″ radius)
  • weight: 1.5 lbs

My Comment

Although this shelf doesn’t get so high score in Amazon’s customer review, the shelf has its use. In the certain situation (specifically, when you need to add extra space to the cupboard), this shelf can be very useful. Do not judge this shelf just by its low strength.