Winston 3-tier ivy style corner shelf

Winston 3-tier ivy style corner shelf
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Shelf Description

Winston 3-tier ivy style corner shelf is a complete shelving solution for vacant corners. It has build-in artificial decorative ivy branches to embellish the corner. The shelf made of metal painted with green and brown color which resemble leaves and trunk of a tree. On the back there are hooks for clinging on the screw. If you want to add some emotion to your lonely corner, don’t miss this.


  • Made of sturdy metal
  • Tree-like appearance

Shipping Details

  • dimensions: 13.25″ L x 13.25″ W x 28″ H

My Comment

This shelf has very cheap price but yet contains beauty. Normally, there is no metallic corner shelf at this price. On the top of that, this shelf has 3 tiers. All of these make this shelf a very interesting product.

Since it has wireframe horizontal pieces and tree-like appearance, I think this shelf is very suitable for supporting flowers with pots. The shelf matches best with light brown wall.