Nexxt by Linea Quadrant Corner Shelves and Photo Frames

Linea Nexxt Quadrant on the wall corner


The shelves we are going to review this time are another uncommon corner shelves. Although regular corner shelf usually come with flat or cabinet shape, these shelves from Nexx by Linea come with box-like shape. On the side of each shelf there are placeholders for two pictures so these shelves are 2-in-1 shelves & photo frames.


The Amazon product page doesn’t provide much information about this. It just mentions that the material is ‘wood’. Actually, the material is MDF composite. (I’m quite certain about this since it is stated in the website of the manufacturer.) The material is smooth and strong. It gives a wonderful touch. The shelves themselves are very sturdy and well-assembled. The surface has decent endurance so it won’t be scratched easily. However, MDF is not so compatible with water so make sure the shelves are in dry room. There is, of course, some coating on the surface but don’t rely too much on it in water resistance.

As Photo Frames

This feature is unique for Nexxt by Linea Quadrant. As far as I know, there isn’t any corner shelf in the market that has this function.

Each piece of the Quadrant Corner Shelves has 2 photo frame on the side. The size of accepted photo is 4″x4″ for 6″ shelf and 6″x4″ for 8″ shelf. Insertion of the pictures into the frames is easy. Just slide them in and it’s done. The photos held tightly in the frame without sloppy feeling, which is good. The frame is dark brown so vivid colored photos are recommended.

Side view of Linea Quadrant Corner Shelves
side view of the Linea Quadrant Corner Shelves

Shelving Functions

As stated above, the shelves are very sturdy (can hold up to 10-15 lbs). However, they are small. The 6″x6″ and 8″x8″ area can be used to display small, decorative items but not for serious shelving. The shelves seem to be étagère rather than heavy-weight shelving unit, though.

Since the shelves are smooth dark wood in appearance, they exhibit ‘Asian’ atmosphere. Put a small candle on them will create a nice scene. Scent candles are recommended because they’ll create even better atmosphere. (You don’t have to worry about fire since MDF has innate fire resistance.)


Although not a powerful shelving unit, the Linea Quadrant is very useful in decorative purpose. If you want to create warm and colorful look on the corner, you might want to consider this corner shelves set.

If you are interested in this product, please visit the product page below.

Link to Nexxt by Linea Quadrant product page