Glass Corner Shelves for Small Rooms

There is a dilemma for the people who own small rooms. They want to increase the utilizable area by adding some shelves, but putting some shelves in makes the room even smaller. This situation can be solved by a simple yet powerful solution, the glass corner shelves.

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examples of glass corner shelf

Although their name indicated that they are made of glass, glass is not only material they contain. Since glass cannot be fastened by the screw, it can’t be mounted to the wall directly. There must be an other material that glued with the glass and capable to be mounted to the wall. For the glass corner shelves, this material is usually metals.

Glass corner shelves has three important aspects. First, they can be installed to the corner, which is normally unused space. Second, they are strong enough to hold many items on. Third, they are transparent, let light pass through and give clear look. These three factors allow glass corner shelves to provide additional space without making the room crowded. Thus, glass corner shelves are important furniture for the small rooms.

opaque corner shelves in small room glass corner shelves in small room
(left) addition of opaque corner shelves to a small room make the room look overfilled
(right) glass corner shelves provide both extra space and clear view

As you can see, the glass corner shelves play psychologically with our vision. Human ‘feel’ the dimension of the room relatively with the amount of visible space. Since the glass let us see the space behind, therefore the room looks wider. From this idea, we must consider before placing something on the shelves. If too much objects are loaded on and the shelves lose their transparency view, the glass corner shelves don’t help at all.

Please be noted that glass corner shelves need a good care. Do not give them the impact or they’ll shatter. Dust can also suppress the advantages of glass, so always clean the glass corner shelves with soft and non-abrasive fabric. Don’t forget to clean the metal support periodically to prevent rust.

Here comes a short conclusion. If you have small rooms and you want to improve them, give glass corner shelves a try.

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