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Elegance Home Fashion Corner Floor Cabinet in Dark Espresso

Elegance Home Fashion Corner Floor Cabinet in Dark Espresso

Elegant Home Fashion Medison Avenue Corner Cabinet is a product you need for your classic theme decoration. It features a pentagonal shape which perfectly fits into corners. Its deep body and strong MDF structure allow many objects to be stored in it. The smooth espresso finish is absolutely classy. Do not overlook this if you are looking for a cabinet with a classic design. Continue reading

Foremost Modular Corner Storage in Espresso

Foremost Modular Corner Storage in Espresso

With its charming color and surface, one cannot easily let Foremost Corner Storage in Espresso slip through the eyes when making choice for living room storage. Despite its little weight, it has rigid structure due to special core construction. You can also integrate it with other products in its series to create storage system of any shape you wish. It has espresso finish and quarter circle shape. Continue reading

Yu Shan 4-tier White Corner Bookcase (foldable)

Yu Shan 4-tier White Corner Bookcase (foldable)

This versatile general purpose bookcase form Yu Shan has many distinctive features. Its endurance and strength, which provided by solid wood structure, is high enough for heavy load. The white color and stylish design are appropriate for various rooms and decorations. The bookcase can also be fold in transportation. It is pre-assembled from the manufacturer. Continue reading


Corner Organizer for Bathroom

Corner shelves are not only great for dining room and living room, but it is important for bathroom as well. In this article we will discuss about types of corner shelf that normally used in bathroom. There are also some tips about how to choose and maintain them.

Glass Corner Shelves for Small Rooms

Do you have a small room which is not so useful because it has too little space? This article introduces the use of glass corner shelf, which does not only provide more space but also preserve the clear look. Additional space without hindrance to the eyes! In the article there are some interesting points that you might need to consider about using glass shelves in this situation.

How to Install Corner Shelves to The Wall

New to the installation of the corner shelves? These are how-to and tips about the installation. There are also step-by-step videos for various type of the shelves.

Is Particle Board a Good Material For Shelves?

Particle board is a type of composite wood. Its low price is a remarkable advantage, but the quality should be considered. In this article, I will discuss about particle board corner shelves. The pros-cons of particle board, MDF and plywood are also detailed.

Materials and Their Degradation: The Scientific Explanation

A detailed in-dept scientific explanation of the mechanism of wood, metal, plastic, glass and stone degradation. How the processes occur and how to prevent them. By using chemical equations and physics logic, the processes can be understand thoroughly. This article will help you in choosing the material that suits environment of your shelf. This information is also important for shelves maker.

Corner Shelf Reviews

Nexxt by Linea Quadrant Corner Shelves and Photo Frames

Nexxt by Linea Quadrant is a set of nontraditional floating corner shelves. These shelves do not only come with uncommon box-like shape but they possessed special function such as picture frame placeholder and invisible mounting equipment as well. If you interested in decorative corner shelf which can create warm and colorful scene, don't miss this.

Easy Track RS3003 Series

As a component of the creative Easy Track composite shelving solution, the RS3003 corner shelf series has special mounting system that is very versatile. Three shelves in the package can be installed in various arrangements to serve your need. In the series there are three version of the shelf, each with a different color, namely white, cherry, and truffle. The shelves come with unique 'L' shape.

4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage Series

With the unique shape and good usability, 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage is a famous series of modern design corner shelves. The shelves have zigzag-like structure that each vertical face crawl up to the two side of corner alternately. Four horizontal faces give a lot of functional area. There are four colors available (black, maple, espresso, and cherry).