Coaster Four Tier Corner Shelf in Golden Copper Finish

Four Tier Corner Shelf in Goldish Copper
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Shelf Description

Coaster Four Tier Corner Shelf in Golden Copper Finish is another classic style corner shelf. It made of metallic wire frame with copper color which is both elegant and strong. The corner shelf has four legs instead of three, drastically increase the balance for it triangular shape. It’s light (18 lbs) and very easy to be moved, but strong enough to hold flower pot, books and radio on. In brief, it’s useful and decorative in one piece.


  • made of sturdy and lightweight metal frame
  • comes with golden copper finish
  • curvy classic style
  • has 4 legs, more balanced than the others

Shipping Details

  • dimensions: 15″ wide x 19.5″ long x 70.5″ high
  • weight: 18 lbs

My Comment

The manufacturer does not provide much information about this corner shelf. I searched through the internet but I barely got anything useful. The shelf is actually sturdy and lightweight. I’m confident that the material is coated steel, even though the color is copper.

Since the corner shelf give the classic European style, it suits very well with mild color and velvet carpets. The  product picture is a good example. Light brown walls, carpet and wooden picture frame, they’re perfect indeed.