Retro 4 Tier Chrome Corner Rack with Wood Shelf Tops

Retro 4 Tier Chrome Corner Rack with Wood Shelf Tops
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Product Description

This is traditional 4-tier wooden corner shelf with metal support. Although the shelf doesn’t look so special, its quality is top-notch. Since the design is simple, it practically fits with anything. The shelf is strong enough to hold heavy things and provides a lot of additional space. The assembly is very easy.


  • Sturdy iron pole with chrome coating
  • Natural finish wood
  • 4 legs underneath, giving more balance than the shelves with 3 legs

Shipping Details

  • Dimension: 12″ radius with 43.5″ height
  • Weight: 15 pounds

My Comment

The dimension indicated by many shopping websites is not accurate.  The shape of the shelf from top-view is quarter-circle so it’s not 17″ long and 12″ wide. It’s 12″ in both dimension.

About the appearance, the shelf comes with traditional wooden plate with metal pole. This makes the shelf looks really ‘normal’ and not drawing much focus. Thus, colorful objects placed on the shelf would be nice idea. The best place for the shelf is in the bright colored room.