Corner shelf selection guide

Buying wrong piece of furniture is wasting time and money. On this article we’ll discuss how to choose a corner shelf that match your need.

Do you really need a corner shelf?

Corner shelves will do theirs job once you put it in the corner. If you want to place them anywhere else you might consider ‘normal’ shelves. Remember that while normal shelf have a side that is ‘back’, corner shelf have two side as back. Sometimes it’s also smarter to just throw away your item rather than add new shelf to hold them.


Size is the most crucial attribute to consider when you buy the shelf. There won’t be good if it doesn’t fit the place, even the shelf is very beautiful. Every product in this website provide data about its dimension, so check and measure before you buy something.

If the shelf is too large, it’ll be a BIG problem.


Another subject to discuss is color. The color can vastly effect the appearance of the shelf, even from unfocused look. Be sure that the color of newly purchased shelf match the color of the wall. Even though to ‘matched’ is very subjective and can be vary from person to person, we always know that some choices are obviously bad. (such as dark brown shelf on grey wall) The easy solution that you should do is to take a photo of your place before go to shop. The easier solution is to buy the shelf online, this way you can imagine how the shelf will look when you installed it.

Some wrong color pair could be totally devastated.


There are five principle materials for all of the shelves : wood, plastic, metal, glass and stone. Normally people would prefer metal and wood rather than plastic since they think plastic are cheap material. This is not always true. Some well-made plastic can be far more stronger than wood. Thus, read the review of the product beforehand.

Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Wood itself need some care, it shouldn’t soaked with water too much and it also has a problem with termites. However, it’s the most easiest to install. Glasses shelves are eye candies but not suitable if there are many children around. Metals are strong, but have limited designed. Stone is durable and decorative, but tough to install.

My choice (which is not always true, but practical) is to choose metal for general outdoor and wood for indoor shelf. Plastic and glass if matched in particular room. And keep stone for bathroom.


Everyone knows that high quality come with high price. However, some inexpensive shelf are nice too. Always check the reviews. My suggestion : you can buy expensive indoor shelf since it’ll last long but for outdoor shelf you should consider lower price ones. Also beware about the quality if the product is cheaper than 30$.


Good manufacturer will provides warranty of products you purchased. You can check the website of the manufacturer for details. Search the name of the company by Google is also good idea to find its reputation.